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Sedation Dentistry in kingstowne

If your child is nervous about their appointment, afraid of needles, or is typically unable to sit still, we offer sedation options to ensure a comfortable visit. At Kingstowne Dental Specialists, your child will feel calm and relaxed throughout their entire appointment. If you think your child may benefit from sedation dentistry, ask about our sedation options from our dentist at Kingstowne Dental Specialists!

Kingstowne Pediatric Sedation Dentist

Keep Your Child Relaxed

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas is an efficient way to help kids feel more relaxed in the dentist’s chair without any side effects. The gas is delivered through a comfortable nose mask and the effects will make your little one feel calm and euphoric. Side effects are minimal, and may include sleepiness or nausea after your child’s procedure. Laughing gas only lasts for about 5 minutes, so it wears off quickly and allows you and your child to get back to your day-to-day routine right after their appointment.

Understanding the

Benefits of Laughing Gas

Laughing gas at Kingstowne Dental Specialists has a number of unique benefits that may make it a good choice for you or your child. First, it helps you feel much more comfortable and relaxed during your appointment. Most patients feel “floaty” and a bit disconnected from what’s happening around them, and have reduced feelings of fear, nervousness, and anxiety.

In addition to these feelings of euphoria, laughing gas helps prevent pain and discomfort. It is an analgesic, so it reduces painful sensations. When combined with a local numbing agent, laughing gas will ensure your child doesn’t feel any discomfort during their procedure.

Laughing gas is also very convenient. It takes effect immediately once it’s breathed in through a nose mask. There is no need for a needle or for your child to take any medicine orally, which means it’s easier to administer to kids.
Because laughing gas is the most commonly-used sedation method for kids, it’s extremely safe. There are no serious complications or risks associated with the use of laughing gas sedation. 

But perhaps the biggest benefit of laughing gas is that it wears off extremely quickly, unlike other methods of sedation. Once your procedure is over, Dr. Marzban will replace the flow of nitrous oxide and air with pure oxygen. Your child will breathe normally, and the effects of nitrous oxide will wear off within 5 minutes as it’s purged from the lungs.

Knowing the

Side Effects of Laughing Gas

The side effects of laughing gas are relatively minor. Your child may experience a minor headache, shivering, nausea, and fatigue. In rare cases, side effects can include excessive sweating or vomiting. 

These side effects are minor, don’t interfere with your child’s ability to do day-to-day tasks, and will wear off very quickly once the flow of nitrous oxide stops. They should feel completely normal within a few hours.

Alexandria Pediatric Sedation Dentist

Sleep Through The Appointment

IV / General Anesthesia

IV sedation is delivered directly to the bloodstream using an IV, which means the effect takes hold more rapidly. Your child will typically sleep through the entire appointment with IV sedation, making this a good option if your child is very afraid of the dentist or is going through a serious dental surgery, such as multiple tooth extractions. General anesthesia is also available, but only used rarely. Unlike oral and IV sedation, general anesthesia requires your child to use a ventilator to assist their breathing. This can interfere with Dr. Courtney’s ability to work on their mouth and teeth, so other methods of sedation are typically better options for most dental procedures.

Understanding the

Benefits of IV Sedation

The biggest benefit of IV sedation is that it ensures that your child can sleep comfortably throughout your treatment at Kingstowne Dental Specialists. Your child will not be completely unconscious, but they will be extremely groggy and sleepy, and they will likely not remember anything about their treatment. 

This makes IV sedation a great option if your child has severe dental anxiety. Once your child has been sedated, they won't feel a thing. They’ll wake up, and their treatment will already be complete.

Knowing the

Side Effects of IV Sedation

Compared to nitrous sedation, IV sedation has much more long-lasting and intense after-effects. Your child will feel very groggy and confused after their appointment. They may develop a headache and feel nauseous, and it may take a few hours for them to feel normal again. Crying after IV sedation is also quite common, particularly among children. 

Their motor skills may be impaired for up to 6 hours, which may make it hard to do some day-to-day tasks like eating and drinking. After sedation, your child may need to be observed for about an hour to ensure that their vital signs are normal and that it is safe for them to return home.

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