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Treatment For Tongue And Lip Ties

Infant Frenectomies in kingstowne

If your infant suffers from tongue and lip ties, often known collectively as Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs), they may have issues nursing, and their oral development could be harmed. If left untreated, TOTs can result in an unhealthy bite or jaw position, or diastema (a large gap between the teeth). A frenectomy is the best way to treat tongue and lip ties to ensure that your child can swallow and move their tongue and lips normally.

Kingstowne Infant Frenectomy

Understanding The Basics

What Are Lip & Tongue Ties?

Tongue and lip ties refer to abnormalities in the lingual frenula (the small bands of tissue that connect the tongue to the base of the mouth, and connect the lips to the gums). If your child has an excessively thick lingual (tongue) frenulum, or a thick frenulum connecting their lips to their gums, these bands of tissue may prevent them from being able to move their tongue and lips properly. This can result in feeding difficulties and if left untreated, it can also affect speech and the development of your child’s jaw and teeth.

Does My Infant Need A Frenectomy?

Signs of Lip & Tongue Ties

The most common signs of lip or tongue ties in infants are related to feeding. Proper breastfeeding requires a child to keep their tongue over the lower gum when feeding. Tongue ties can interfere with this, leading to difficulties latching onto the nipple. Lip ties may also make breastfeeding difficult, as your child may not be able to latch onto the breast correctly. Other signs of lip and tongue ties include labored breathing and “clicking” sounds while nursing. If you notice these signs in your child, call us today to set up a consultation for a diagnosis and treatment.

Alexandria Infant Frenectomy

How Are Tongue & Lip Ties Treated?

The Frenectomy Process

A frenectomy is fast, painless procedure used to treat tongue and lip ties. Using a laser tool, excessive tissue is removed from the lips or tongue, allowing them to move freely without interference from a thick and inflexible frenulum. The area is numbed before the procedure is performed, and children can typically begin breastfeeding as soon as the treatment is completed.

Completely Pain-Free Frenectomies

Solea All-Tissue Laser

Your comfort and the comfort of your child are our top priorities at Kingstowne Dental Specialists. When treating infants with frenectomies, we use a special Solea All-Tissue Laser. This specialized tool is 100% anesthesia-free, and causes no pain or discomfort in your infant. It’s used to gently separate the frenulum and remove excess tissue. Your child will feel no discomfort during treatment, and the procedure takes only a few minutes.

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