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Children’s Dental Crowns

If your little one has a damaged tooth in Alexandria, Dr. Courtney Marzban is here to help with pediatric dental crowns. Dr. Marzban has years of experience repairing both baby teeth and adult teeth in kids of all ages. If your little one has a toothache, has cracked or damaged a tooth due to an accident, or has a damaged tooth due to any other reason, contact us now to get the help you need.

Alexandria Pediatric Dental Crowns

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Stainless Steel & Ceramic Crowns

Stainless steel crowns (often called “silver” crowns due to their color) are ideal for repairing and restoring baby teeth. In contrast, ceramic “tooth-colored” crowns are usually used for treating decayed or damaged adult teeth.

This is because stainless steel crowns are inexpensive, and are pre-fitted to fit over baby teeth while requiring minimal tooth preparation. They do not look very natural, but this is not important, because the baby tooth will fall out naturally anyway. The stainless steel crown will simply protect the tooth from further damage until this happens.

Of course, aesthetics are much more important for permanent teeth, which is why tooth-colored ceramic crowns are used to treat adult teeth at Kingstowne Dental Specialists. These crowns are not pre-fitted, and are built by a dental lab to look and feel completely natural. They also last 15+ years, in most cases, so your child’s smile will look great for years to come.


Does Your Child Need A Crown?

Crowns are usually required when your child has a large cavity that’s too big to fix with a filling. Large fillings tend to be unstable and wear out quickly, so crowns are a superior choice for covering up and protecting your child’s tooth. 

A crown also may be recommended if your child cracks or damages a baby tooth or adult tooth. A slip and fall, a hard hit in a contact sport, or accidentally getting hit in the mouth while playing around can all result in tooth damage. With a crown, the tooth can be quickly repaired to prevent infections and other complications.

Crowns also may be used after a baby root canal (“pulpotomy”) or a root canal for an adult tooth. The crown covers up and protects the remaining tooth structure, preserving it and keeping your child’s mouth healthy.

Kingstowne Pediatric Dental Crowns


The Crown Placement Process

The process is a bit different depending on if your child is getting a stainless steel crown for baby teeth or a porcelain crown for an adult tooth.

If your child is getting a stainless steel crown, Dr. Marzban will clean the treatment area and treat it to remove any decay and bacteria. Then, she will choose a pre-fitted stainless steel crown and cement it into place. The process usually takes less than 30 minutes.

For a porcelain crown, your child’s tooth will need to be trimmed. Their mouth will be numbed, then the tooth will be trimmed with a drill to remove decay, and sculpt it into a stable platform for the crown.

Then, Dr. Marzban will take images and impressions of the tooth, and send these to a dental lab where your child’s permanent crown will be made. Your child will be sent home with a temporary crown to protect their smile.

In a few weeks, your child’s permanent crown will arrive at our office, and you and your child will come in for their final appointment at Kingstowne Dental Specialists. Dr. Marzban will check the fit of their crown, then permanently attach it to their tooth.

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