Why Does My Child Have Yellow Teeth? Should I Be Worried?

Being a parent means worrying about your children constantly. And to add to everything else on your plate, you’ve noticed that your little one has one or more teeth that look abnormally yellow. Is something wrong? Do you need to see a dentist? Find out now in this blog from Kingstowne Dental Specialists. We’ll go over a few of the most common causes of yellow teeth in kids.

1. They’re Getting Their Adult Teeth

If your child’s adult teeth look yellow, this is normal. Adult teeth have a less “milky white” appearance than baby teeth. In fact, the bright white color of baby teeth is why they’re sometimes called “milk teeth.”

This is because adult teeth have more “dentin,” the layer of yellowish tooth material that is underneath the bright enamel. Over time, your child’s tooth will begin to lighten somewhat, and their other adult teeth will match its color, so there’s nothing to worry about if this is the cause of your child’s yellow teeth.

2. They’re Not Caring For Their Teeth Properly

This is common if your child has recently started brushing and/or flossing on their own. If they are not maintaining a consistent routine and using proper techniques, yellowish-brown plaque and tartar can build up on their teeth.

Make sure to supervise your little ones as they brush to make sure they’re doing a good job, and see a dentist like Dr. Courtney Marzban for a teeth cleaning to remove these surface stains, as well as an oral exam to ensure their mouth is healthy.

3. Their Diet Is Causing Stains Or Discoloration

Some drinks like cola, coffee, tea, sports drinks, and energy drinks can stain the teeth, and so can some foods like soy sauce and tomato sauce. To deal with this, keep a close eye on your child’s diet. Give them water or milk instead of sugary, staining beverages, and make sure they brush or rinse after meals to reduce stain buildup.

4. They’ve Got Thin Enamel Due To Genetic Factors

Some kids have thin enamel due to genetic factors. This means that the bright, white layer of enamel will be thinner, and it will be easier to see the yellow dentin below the enamel. This makes the teeth look more yellow.

If you or your family members have a history of thin enamel and you suspect your child has thin enamel, discuss this with a pediatric dentist. Kids with thin enamel are much more susceptible to cavities, and may require additional cleanings and preventive care to keep their teeth healthy.

5. They’ve Got A Cavity

If you just see one yellow tooth, or a yellow, gray, or black spot on one tooth, the discoloration could be due to a cavity. As the tooth enamel “demineralizes” and breaks down, the surface of the tooth tends to become discolored. See a dentist right away to get treatment if you suspect your child has a cavity.

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