When Do Babies Go to the Dentist?

One of the most common questions parents have regarding their children’s oral health is when they should prepare themselves for that first dentist’s appointment.

Well, the answer might surprise you.

Experts recommend taking a baby to see the dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts and no later than their first birthday.

Check out this short blog post to discover why you should be taking your child to an Alexandria pediatric dentist so early in their development.

Why Should Babies See a Dentist?

It can be strange to even picture a baby in a dentist’s office. However, that first appointment can be incredibly important in ensuring the proper development of your baby’s teeth.

During this first appointment, the dentist will closely inspect the child’s erupted teeth and gums and determine if there are any issues that might need addressing. Some areas that this first appointment may focus on can include:

  • Addressing certain oral habits, such as thumb sucking
  • Make recommendations regarding the child’s nutrition to help protect their oral health
  • See if their teeth are growing in the proper placement
  • Assess the alignment of the child’s upper and lower jaw, etc.

A lot of the time, this first appointment can be more about the parents than the baby. This is the perfect opportunity for you to address any concerns regarding your child’s oral health and get useful tips on how to properly maintain it at home.

When Should You Expect Subsequent Dentist Appointments?

You should take your child to see a dentist every time you notice they may have an oral health issue, such as a small cavity or if they’ve been continuously breathing through their mouth.

Apart from that, there are two major moments in your child’s oral health development where you really need to book an appointment for them:

  • Around age 3 - By this point, your child will already have their full set of baby teeth. Taking them to the dentist at age 3 can help address any unwanted oral habits and gain a better view of your child’s oral health;
  • Around ages 5-6 - This is the general timeframe where the child’s baby teeth begin to fall, and the permanent ones erupt. Seeing a dentist at this age can be beneficial to ensuring the child’s teeth develop in their most optimal position and reduce the need for braces later on.

Bring Your Child to Kingstowne Dental Specialists

Taking your child to see the dentist for the first time can feel scary, but Courtney Marzban, DMD, and Robert Marzban, DDS, MDS can help make the child feel perfectly safe and comfortable.

No matter what your child’s age is, book an appointment at Kingstowne Dental Specialists online, and stop by for a consultation to see what your child’s oral health needs are.

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