How to Prepare Your Child for a Tooth Extraction

Sometimes, an extraction is unavoidable. Parents may be understandably concerned when they learn their child might need one. After all, it can be a scary experience, even for adults!

However, there are ways you can prepare your child to get over this hurdle as smoothly as possible. First, the child will be put under a local anesthetic to ensure they don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Sedation options may also be available to help the child remain calm and relaxed.

But there are some things you can do before you bring your child for their tooth extraction appointment:

Explain What’s Going to Happen

Children are fearful of things they don’t understand, so your first step is to explain to them what’s about to happen.

Tell them what an extraction is and, most importantly, why they need one. Help them understand how this procedure will help their smile grow healthy and beautiful.

Let your child ask questions about the procedure and provide reassurance, especially when it comes to pain.

Project a Positive Attitude

Children learn by mimicking their parents. If they sense you’re nervous, they will be nervous as well, so try to remain positive while discussing the procedure.

You may also have some questions about tooth extractions, which is perfectly understandable. Reach out to your local Alexandria pediatric dentist to find out more and put your own anxieties at ease!

Give Them an Incentive

Tell your child that they’re in for a treat after their tooth extraction. This can help lower their fear and make them more excited about the day.

The child won’t be able to eat right after the procedure, but you can plan fun activities like going to the movies or taking them to their favorite park to play.

Bring Them By the Office

If your child is uncomfortable in strange environments, it can help to bring them for a short visit, just so they can become more familiar with this new setting.

They can even meet the dentist who’ll perform the procedure and ask more questions if they want.

Make It Less Stressful

On the day of their procedure, try to remove any stress your child might have. Allow them to choose their own outfit, watch their favorite TV show, or bring a comfort object to their appointment, such as a blanket.

Have Questions About Tooth Extractions?

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