How To Choose A Pediatric Dentist In Alexandria

Whether you’re a new parent looking for a pediatric dentist for the first time or you’re new to the Alexandria area, we’re here to help you get the dental care you and your family need! To make sure you find a dentist that offers quality, personalized dental care for kids in Alexandria, the team at Kingstowne Dental Specialists wants you to keep a few things in mind during your search:

1. Ask Friends, Family And Colleagues For Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is a great way to identify the best pediatric dentist near you. You can ask local friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances if they have any recommendations, or where they take their own children for dental appointments. This is a great way to build up an initial list of candidates. Be sure to inquire about the specifics and the reasons for the high praise— this can be very helpful!

2. Focus On Looking For A Pediatric Dentist, Not a General Dentist

This distinction is important. General or family dentists typically provide care to patients of all ages, but do not necessarily have the specialized, child-focused training of pediatric dentists.

Pediatric dentists must undergo 2 years of additional post-graduate training and be board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. They specialize exclusively in treating children and teenagers. In contrast, family and general dentists do not undergo any additional specialized training.

3. Take A Look At Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to get a quick overview of the service you can expect from a particular pediatric dentist. Positive reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp and other platforms are a great sign, and you can also read about each patient’s experience to get more details regarding the dentist’s approach to treating kids. Read our glowing reviews to learn more about what you can expect at Kingstowne Dental Specialists!

4. Schedule An Office Tour With Your Top Candidates

Most pediatric dentists are happy to provide you and your little one with an office tour and consultation before you become a patient. This gives you an opportunity to see the office and meet the dentist in person. You can learn about how child-friendly the office is, get more details about their approach to pediatric dentistry, and more!

Need A Pediatric Dentist In Alexandria? Consider Kingstowne Dental Specialists! 

At Kingstowne Dental Specialists, we offer pediatric dentistry with an enthusiastic, upbeat approach. Dr. Courtney Marzban is a board-certified pediatric dentist, and Dr. Robert Marzban is a highly-qualified orthodontist. We can provide full-service care to kids of all ages, and specialized orthodontics for patients of any age.

So if you’re not sure where to start looking for a pediatric dentist in Alexandria, give us a call now or stop by our office at 5911 Kingstowne Village Parkway, #150, Alexandria, VA 22315. Once you’ve learned more about Kingstowne Dental Specialists, we know you’ll choose us as your child’s new “dental home!” 

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