Can Invisalign Help Improve Oral Health? Yes – Here’s How!

Invisalign is a great way to get a picture-perfect, straight smile without braces. But it’s more than just a cosmetic treatment. Correcting your bite and your smile with Invisalign can provide you with a number of great oral health benefits, and in this blog from Kingstowne Dental Specialists, we’ll look at just a few of them.

1. Straighter Teeth Are Easier To Clean 

One obvious benefit of Invisalign is that it provides you with even, consistent spacing between your teeth. It’s easier to brush and floss thoroughly when you have a straight smile. In contrast, teeth that are crowded, crooked, or are overlapping are very difficult to clean, which could lead to a higher risk of cavities or gum disease. 

2. Invisalign Can Resolve Bite Issues

Invisalign doesn’t just treat the alignment of your teeth. It can be used to correct bite problems, too, such as an underbite, and overbite, or an open bite where your teeth don’t fit together. This can improve your overall appearance and oral health. A properly-aligned bite ensures your teeth can stay healthy for years to come.

3. Proper Teeth Alignment Reduces The Risk Of Premature Wear & Tear

One of the benefits of proper teeth and bite alignment is that it helps prevent premature wear & tear. This is because when your teeth don’t fit together correctly, a lot of strain can be put on just a few teeth.

For example, if your front teeth don’t meet properly, the upper or lower teeth may become worn down from excessive strain and improper bite alignment. In the long term, this can lead to changes in the shape of your teeth, or even cracks and damage to the teeth. Invisalign helps to correct and prevent these issues, keeping your smile in great shape. 

4. A Straight Smile May Help With Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) & Prevent TMJ 

Another health benefit of Invisalign is that it can help with teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is often caused or made worse by a bad bite alignment. If your teeth don’t fit together properly, you may have a higher likelihood of grinding your teeth. 

If left untreated, teeth grinding can lead to a higher risk of developing TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). This is a disorder of the small, delicate joints that are located beneath your ears, and connect your jaw to your skull. TMJ can cause painful symptoms like jaw locking, radiating jaw pain, stiffness, and difficulty eating and chewing. 

Invisalign helps prevent and address both of these problems, making it a great option if you think you grind your teeth, or you’re interested in treating TMJ or reducing your likelihood of developing TMJ in the future.

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