Can Invisalign Fix an Open Bite?

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment that can address a variety of tooth and jaw alignment issues. But if you’ve been looking into it, then you likely discovered that Invisalign might not be able to treat all orthodontic issues.

But are open bites one of them? Find out the answer in this short blog post!

How Invisalign Works

Invisalign comes as a set of clear aligners that patients have to wear for at least 20-22 hours every single day. As the aligners make direct contact with your teeth, they slowly pull them into their most optimal position.

Invisalign may be the right treatment for open bites, but not always. Open bites are a type of malocclusion in which the top and bottom teeth don’t make contact when the mouth is closed, leaving a space between them.

Usually, Invisalign will have no problem fixing mild and even moderated cares of anterior open bites. However, there are other types of open bites which are more problematic and that will require other types of treatment:

  • Skeletal open bites
  • Posterior open bites
  • Dental open bites, etc.

How Long Is the Treatment?

If the orthodontist recommends treating your open bite with Invisalign in Alexandria, it can take anywhere between 18 to even 24 months for the malocclusion to be entirely fixed.

In general, the treatment length will greatly depend on the severity of the open bite, as well as wearing the aligners as instructed. For instance, if you do not wear the aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours daily, you can needlessly prolong your treatment.

What If Invisalign Doesn’t Work?

If Invisalign isn’t right for you, don’t worry - you have other options available that can fix open bites.

One of the most common types of treatments is, of course, traditional metal braces. Like Invisalign, braces pull the teeth into their best opposition, except with metal braces, the orthodontist can apply a lot more pressure to the teeth.

In more severe cases, however, patients may require corrective jaw surgery in order to fix their open bite. This involves repositioning the jaw to correct the alignment and reduce the appearance of the open bite.

The only way to determine for sure which type of treatment you need is to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist. Treatment plans are established based on a thorough assessment of the malocclusion to provide the patient with the best possible outcome.

Dealing with an Open Bite? Schedule an Appointment Today!

Open bites don’t just affect the way you look. In some cases, it can cause issues with how you speak and even how well you can chew your food.

If you have an open bite, Robert Marzban, DDS, MDS, is here to help you access a personalized treatment plan that will get you the smile you want.

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